For us being the best is not the destination point, but only the beginning of a journey.

Client is our number one

Our Client is our top priority! Everything we do is focused on Customer satisfaction – the products we produce and the services we offer. In all our actions there is a Customer care and a genuine desire to be of Client’s advantage.
The main goal of our work is to improve the efficiency of the Customer’s business. Everything about our Client has a highest priority for us.

Honesty and professionalism

The Financial Market carries certain risks and the obligation of every fair and decent company is to avow this. Effective and long-term Customer relationships can not be built on innuendo and craftiness. We are working with our partners, contractors and Customers fairly and openly and thus we’ve gained a solid reputation of the Company that meets its obligations and provides a complete information about the risks, operations and opportunities of the Financial Market.
Every employee of our company is guided by principles of honesty and integrity as the only way to maintain a long-term civilized business. This is a commitment of our Company.

Professionalism and responsibility

Working on the financial market requires the highest level of responsibility and the exceptionally well thought-out infrastructure. Being effective in this industry means keeping professional fit, daily practice and a systematic further education. Therefore, professionalism and responsibility have become essential requirements for our employees and have set the standard for the entire company.

Our employees undergo regular education in the corporate university, they become the constant members of industry conferences and seminars, as well as they go through the required professional reskilling in special training centers in accordance with the applicable law. The internal control system is designed to provide a balanced and responsible approach to all operations and activities produced by our company.

As individuals we are totally responsible for ourselves, and as employees we are also responsible for what others are doing.

We do not want to be “yet another corporation” where personal responsibility is soluble in a variety of management levels. All employees must take a direct responsibility for the results, for their own initiatives and judgments, as well as for making decisions when necessary.

The quest for innovation

Innovation is the foundation of our business. The speed of our development is our competitive advantage.

We understand that in modern World it is impossible to stay a professional forever by doing nothing. You must continually evolve and stay ahead of others. Our company is in a constant move – we are gradually changing – every day, every month and every year. We live in a world of changes and create them ourselves.

In terms of investment we believe in the technological sector; we have the same approach in regards to the continuous modernization of our Company. We invest in the development of automated IT-systems, in the reliability of communications, in the development of the robotized analytical systems used by our traders. We have developed a number of unique technologies that give us a significant advantage over competitors.

Our products, processes and approaches are constantly improving. Our requirements to ourselves are permanently growing. Every employee finds opportunities for innovation in his work, even if these opportunities are beyond his daily activities.

Exceeding expectations

Our company has gathered the employees that are designed to the development, steady growth and moving forward. We are not interested in living a dull, monotonous life without bright emotions and new achievements.

Our work is a significant part of our lives. For many of us it is an chance for self-realization. We get pleasure from the fact that we always exceed the expectations of the ones we interact with, whether it is a client, a partner or a colleague.

We set ambitious goals for ourselves and we know that in the pursuit of attaining them we can achieve even more than expected

Among our clients there are professional consultants, direct investors, both private and institutional, and charities. We work in close cooperation with financial advisors to provide our Clients with all the necessary tools and information and to help them make a well-founded decision about the investment commitment that they are going to take over. We offer our Clients a wide range of investment solutions that cover a variety of objectives and risk profiles.

We believe that our reputation for ethical, trustworthy investment services provider is important for our core goal of helping investors worldwide to achieve their financial objectives. Each GT Falcon employee respects our rules of conduct that articulate our shared values ​​and operating principles that dictate our actions on the world market.

We aim to keep the leading position and ensure a steady revenue growth of our Clients, which is based on the most important principles of our company – an individual approach and a strict confidentiality that provides the most convenient and safe conditions for cooperation.