Trust Services

GT Falcon can provide a multilateral assistance in creating trust around the world both for private and corporate customers. Trust is an effective form of estate planning and assets preservation for children and future generations.

Account Opening

GT Falcon professionals offer account opening services in reliable banks across the globe.

Family Office

Financial capital is not an end in itself, it is means towards family life goals.

Family Office allocates your financial resources so that they could better represent the natural values ​​of your family members. Some families value an excellent education while others highly rate such noncommercial fields as creativity, art, science and culture. Family Office brings harmony to a family.

This is a single point for managing all family assets – human, social, intellectual and financial. In case of routine legal, administrative, investment and other issues, Family office arranges and coordinates the work of various professionals – lawyers and accountants, tax and investment consultants – to find the solution.

Tax and Legal Consulting

Tax conditions are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated thus demanding adaptation of existing structures. However, these changes also create the potential for optimization that we use by providing an integrated approach in consulting and minimizing the risks.

Financial and Investment Consulting

Investment consulting covers a vast area of ​​issues related to a long-term profit-oriented investment of funds. Investment advising is in-demand both by individual investors with available funds and by companies aiming to expand their business. We offer professional analysis, potential assessment and expertise of the investment project and provide a support during all of its stages.